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Kaihua Temple Tianning Temple Yingxian Wooden Pagoda Wujin Mountain The cypress of Zhou and sophora japonicas of Tang Chunyang Palace
Tianlongshan Grottos
Introduction:Tianlong Mountain is also called Square Mountain, the altitude is 1,700 meters. The
Twin Pagoda Temple
Introduction:The original name of Twin Pagoda Temple is Yongzuo Temple; it was first built in th
Chongshan Temple
Introduction:Chongshan Temple was initially built in the early period of the Tang Dynasty and th
Chunyang Palace
Introduction:It was initially built in the later Song Dynasty (960-1279) for giving sacrifices t
Jinci Temple
Introduction:Jinci Temple tourism area is located in the 25 km southwest of Taiyuan city. The
Fenhe Scenic Area
Introduction:Fenhe Park is a park that has the north garden styles and Fenhe culture. The total
China Coal Museum
Introduction:China Coal Museum is the sole national coal industry museum, is the collecting ce
Shanxi Museum
Introduction:Shanxi Museum is a local comprehensive museum in China, located in the Confucian
Longshan Grottoes
Introduction:Longshan Grottoes are located at the top of Longshan Mountain twenty kilometers s
The cypress of Zhou and sophora japonicas of Tang
Introduction:The cypress of Zhou and Sophora japonicas of Tang are all ancient trees of millenni
Taishan Temple
Introduction:Tai Shan Temple, also known as Longquan Temple, is located in southwest of Fengyu G
Yingze Park
Introduction:Yingze Park got its name because it is near old city gate of Taiyuan. It is situa
Two pagodas
Introduction:Two pagodas stand in the Twin Pagoda Temple, making it more magnificent. Both of th
Hall of the Holy Mother
Introduction:Located at the back of the park, it is recognizable by its double-eaved roof and it
Xian Dian(Hall of Offerings)
Introduction:Directly opposite to the Hall of the Holy Mother, across the Flying Bridge Ove
Taiyuan Zoo
Introduction:Taiyuan Zoo, is located in the northwest corner of Taiyuan, Jianhe Road, No. 176.&n
The White Temple
Introduction:The White Tower is located in Puhui temple, southwest of Taigu county. The construc
The forever young Spring
Introduction:The forever young spring is located o­n the south side of Hall of the Holy Moth
Juewei mount scenic spots
Introduction:Juewei mount scenic spots are located north-west of Taiyuan, 24 km away from the do
Children's park
Introduction:  Children's park, located in the center of the city beside Hai Zi, is for
Jinci's inscription Stele
Introduction:It is namely inscription and preamble stele of Jinci temple, located in Jinci Zheng
Artificial urban forest park
Introduction:Located in the north downtown of Taiyuan City, the park covers an area of 224 hecta
Yuci old town
Introduction:Yuci old town is a historical and cultural city, with more than 3,000 years of hist
The Dou Grand Censor Shrine
Introduction:The Dou Grand Censor  Shrine is spectacular and towering, with many green cypr
The age-old mosque
Introduction:The age-old mosque is located in the eastern side of the South liberation Road. Bef
Chang Family's Compound
Introduction:Chang Family's Compound is located in the southwest of Dongyang town in Yuci, a
The Giant Buddha temple
Introduction:The giant Buddha, also known as Jinyin Temple is located in Tutang Village, 20 kilo
The Blessing Templee
Introduction:The Blessing Temple is located summit of Juewei Mount, 24 km away from northwest of
Esteem sage temple
Introduction:Esteem sage temple, full name is Ten Directions Esteem sage buddhist temple, locate
Fenhe Park
Introduction:Fenhe Park is a park that has the north garden styles and Fenhe culture. The total
The fish pool and flying bridge
Introduction:The fish pool and flying bridge in Jinci was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty, h
The Child Temple Lantern pagoda
Introduction:The Child Temple Lantern pagoda is located above Yongsan Mount,  founded in th
Jinci Park
Introduction:Jinci Park is located in the old buildings in front of the open land. Lin Tong of t
Guanghua Temple
Introduction:Guanghua Temple is located in the White town, southwest of Taigu county, was built
Twin pagoda Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs
Introduction:Twin pagoda Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs was built in the Heights, southeast o
Kai Hua temple and Lian li pagoda
Introductin:Kai Hua temple and Lian li pagoda are located at the foot of Mount Meng, about 17 km
Yu Rang Bridge
Introduction:   Yu Rang Bridge is located in the Chi bridge village,south-west of Taiy